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Are you in need of a criminal defense attorney in the county of Ventura, California?  At the law offices of James E. Blatt we have the expertise and knowledge to help defend your criminal charges.  We are experienced in the area of criminal defense and have almost 75 years of combined legal experience.  As Ventura criminal defense lawyers we will investigate and challenge the prosecution’s case against you and look to have the charges lowered or dismissed completely. Let us fight for your rights!

At the Law Offices of James E.Blatt we understand that being charged with a crime is very serious.  We want you to have the best possible chance at freedom for your Ventura criminal defense case.  We will defend the charges against you vigorously and we will provide you with outstanding defense tactics for your criminal defense case in the county of Ventura.  As attorneys we represent all areas of criminal defense law in California and will look to obtain the best possible outcome for your misdemeanor or felony charges in Ventura County, California. At the Law Offices of James E. Blatt our Ventura criminal defense attorneys are also board-certified to practice law in the state of California and can represent you in both state and federal court systems.

If you believe that you are being investigated or charged with a crime in Ventura County, California it is important for you that you contact our Ventura criminal defense attorneys today.  We will use our years of experience as lawyers to provide you with a winning outcome for your case.  Our lawyers have the experience, integrity, strength and determination necessary to uphold you rights and provide you with the freedom you deserve for your case.

Contact a Ventura criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of James E. Blatt at: 1-877-546-2528.

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