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In California, the laws against the illegal transportation of drugs (also known as narcotics or controlled substances) are designed to severely punish big time dealers and repeat offenders. Drug transportation is defined as the illegal movement of a controlled substance from one location to another.  This can be via aircraft, motor vehicle, watercraft, train or by any other means.

Punishment of a drug trafficking offense can result in numerous penalties.  The penalties vary upon the type and classification of the drug being transported, the geographic location, the amount being transported and any involvement of minors. Drugs coming into California from other countries face the most severe penalties and punishment. Hiring a lawyer will drastically increase your chances at keeping your freedom. At the Law Offices of James E. Blatt we will ensure that your rights are protected in the state of California and that you receive superior legal representation for your drug transportation case.

Whether you are a repeat offender or this is your first offense, you can expect to receive very harsh consequences for your actions. The consequences may be a jail or prison sentence, fines and probation to name as few.  Drug transportation often leads to other criminal behavior and violent crimes that often result in homicide.  Therefore, California is very hard on individuals convicted of the transportation of drugs.

Illegal Transportation of Narcotics in California

In many instances you can also be punished for a drug transportation charge in federal court. Contact our lawyers today if you are being investigated, formally charged or have been arrested for the crime of drug transportation.  Our lawyers are knowledgeable with both state and federal legal systems. We offer a free initial consultation where we will review your drug transportation case with you and answer any questions that you may have.

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