Wire and Mail Fraud Defense Attorneys

Federal prosecutors frequently use wire fraud and mail fraud statutes to obtain Indictments for theft and fraud related crimes.  Under federal wire fraud and mail fraud statutes, any time an individual uses U.S. Mail, the telephone, the internet, or a fax machine in order to commit a crime, the crime can be prosecuted in the federal criminal justice system.  Penalties vary significantly depending on many factors, such the amount of loss or intended loss to any victim, the number of victims, and the use or creation of false identification and identities.  With wire and mail fraud statutes, almost any suspected crime can be investigated by federal agents and prosecuted in federal court.

Unlike federal drug crimes, federal wire fraud and mail fraud crimes do not carry mandatory minimum sentences.  This allows for many effective and creative strategies to lessen potential sentences.  However, some mail fraud and wire fraud crimes can carry a possible sentence of up to 30 years imprisonment and millions in fines and penalties.  Theft, embezzlement, receipt of stolen property, and property destruction can be prosecuted and punished as federal mail and wire fraud crimes.

At the Law Offices of James E. Blatt, we have successfully defended individuals from all walks of life against wire fraud and mail fraud federal charges, from doctors accused of fraudulent medical insurance billing and attorney’s charged with mishandling client funds to investment advisors accused of misconduct with client funds.  We possess the knowledge, experience, and skill necessary to navigate the frequently treacherous waters of federal wire fraud and mail fraud investigations and prosecutions.

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