Murder Cases


David Andrew Armstrong Case

Los Angeles Daily News – January 2005
James Blatt has murder charges dismissed.
“Murder charges are dismissed in shooting at club”
(People v. Alejandro Murillo)

Los Angeles Daily News – May 2003
James Blatt has murder charges reduced to a misdemeanor.
“A SECOND CHANCE Conviction in teen’s death reduced for a young Athlete.”
(People v. Rodney Woods)

Los Angeles Times – November 1999
James Blatt has solicitation of murder charges dropped in exchange for probation.
“Dane Accused in Plot to Kill Landlord Is Sentenced”
(People v. Flemming Larsen)

Los Angeles Times – January 1999
James Blatt has felony manslaughter charges reduced to misdemeanor.
“Man Guilty of Vehicular Manslaughter”
(People v. Todd Olson)

Los Angeles Daily Journal – November 1998
James Blatt has murder charges dismissed.
“Prosecutors May Appeal Judge’s Decision – Murder Charge in Ordnance Explosion Dismissed”
(People v. Timothy Collister)

Los Angeles Times – April 1997
James Blatt has murder, attempted robbery and conspiracy charges dropped.
“6 Extortion Suspects Are Cleared”
(People v. Mger Tagvoryan)

Los Angeles Daily News – March 1994
James Blatt has murder charges reduced to voluntary manslaughter.
”Culture Defense used for husband in slaying trial.”
(People v. Mossa Hanoukai)

Los Angeles Daily News – September 1988
James Blatt wins not guilty verdict in assault with deadly weapon charge.
”Man Found Innocent in Shooting of Drug Suspect”
(People v. Joe Grant)

Los Angeles Daily News – March 1987
James Blatt wins suit for false arrest.
”False Arrest Might be Movie Material.”
(People v. Etta Smith)