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Basically, the federal crime of money laundering involves the attempt or process of making illegal or “dirty” money appear legal or “clean.”  Through the Bank Secrecy Act, a variety of Money Laundering Control Acts, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, the Patriot Act, and recently the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, the federal government has at its disposal a wide variety of statutes and significant funds dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of federal money laundering crimes.  Anti-money laundering programs have expanded; criminal penalties for federal money laundering crimes have increased.

Frequently, individuals find themselves under investigation for money laundering charges related to narcotic activity, gambling, and attempts to avoid payment of taxes.  In additional to the potential consequences for the underlying conduct, an investigation or indictment for federal money laundering can lead to the risk of lengthier prison sentences.  Investigations of federal money laundering crimes can also result in the seizure and potential forfeiture of cash, cars, and real estate.  In 2001, United States prosecutors obtained almost 900 money laundering convictions, with an average prison sentence of six years.

At the Law Offices of James E. Blatt, our attorneys are experienced in defending clients who find themselves under investigation or Indictment for federal money laundering crimes.  We have successfully obtained dismissals of money laundering charges and the return of property seized as part of money laundering investigations.  Our attorneys possess the specific skill and knowledge necessary to successfully defend individuals facing federal money laundering charges.

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