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Since the United States real estate bubble burst in 2008 and during the ongoing recession, banks and federal agents have dedicated significant time, energy, and resources investigating bank and loan fraud.  Practices that were common just two years ago can now result in a federal bank fraud and loan fraud investigation and indictment.  Many individuals who may have exaggerated on “no doc” and “low doc” stated-income and unverified loans, who believed they could refinance and sell homes in a once booming real estate market have found themselves under investigation and Indictment.  Investments that were once considered profitable and secure are now viewed by many federal agents and prosecutors as fraudulent Ponzi schemes.  Lenders and loan agents who believed they were helping borrowers purchase a home and achieve the American Dream of home ownership are daily targets of the federal government bank fraud and loan fraud investigations.

Individuals and institutions under investigations and prosecution for bank fraud and loan fraud receive significant negative publicity, earn little sympathy, and are often viewed as responsible for the demise of the United States and global economies.   If convicted of bank fraud or loan fraud, individuals can expect harsh treatment from the federal prosecutors and district courts.  Even those who have lived exemplary lives dedicated to family and community can find themselves facing lengthy prison sentences.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of James E. Blatt have successfully represented clients under investigation or Indictment for federal criminal charges of bank fraud and loan fraud.  Before and during the real-estate “boom” and since its “bust” our attorneys have worked closely with real estate and loan experts to successfully defend our clients.  We have taken creative approaches to shift the blame for all our economic problems from our clients to the larger economic issues facing the United States .

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