Month: June 2019

Some New 2019 California Criminal Justice Laws:

Senate Bill 439
Joining twenty-one other U.S. states, in setting a minimum age that complies with International Human Rights Standards, unless a minor younger than 12 in the state of California commits rape or murder, the new minimum age for prosecution for minors is now 12 years old. Click here for more information about this bill.

Senate Bill 1391
In order to divert minors from serving time in adult prisons, minors under the age of 16 will be incarcerated in juvenile detention facilities. The transfer of defendants under the age of 16 from juvenile court to an adult court has been prohibited. However, a judge can send a defendant from juvenile court to an adult court if the defendant wasn’t apprehended until after turning 18 years of age, or if there is sufficient reason to transfer the case. Some factors that can be taken into consideration are:

–       The defendant’s mental and emotional maturity and health.

–       If the defendant can be better served in regard to rehabilitation in the juvenile court system.

–       If the defendant has a past criminal history, how serious were the offenses and how successful were previous attempts by juvenile court at rehabilitating the defendant.

For more information on this bill go to:

Senate Bill 1421
New California legislation allows the public to access a police officer’s record in investigations involving police shootings, excess force, sexual misconduct, as well as in cases establishing dishonesty or misconduct by an officer.

Assembly Bill 748
Video footage and audio recordings taken by body cameras on police officers are required now by law to be disclosed to the public. In cases involving a police shooting or where excess force results in death or injury to a person, the video images and audio recordings must be a released and available within 45 days after the event happened. For more information

Assembly Bill 2504
Police officers and law enforcement dispatchers will receive inclusive training to better understand the different sexual orientations and gender identities that comprise the LGBTQ community.  Officers will be educated on how to generate better relations with the LGBTQ community in all  police departments. More Info

Senate Bill 1100 
Anyone buying a rifle or shotgun in California has to be at least 21 years old. The minimum age before that was 18 years. For more information on this bill go to:

Assembly Bill 2103 
To obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon in public, the applicant must undergo at least 8 hours of firearms training. To obtain more information about this bill go to:

Senate Bill 1412
This bill allows employers to ask a job applicant about a specific conviction, regardless if the conviction has been expunged, ordered sealed, statutorily eradicated, or judicially dismissed following probation if :

1.     The position the applicant is interviewing for requires the applicant to possess or use a firearm in the course of the job.

  1. The applicant is prohibited by law from holding the position sought, regardless of whether the conviction has been expunged, judicially ordered sealed, statutorily eradicated, or judicially dismissed following probation.
  2. Employers are prohibited by law from hiring an applicant who has that particular conviction, regardless of whether the conviction has been expunged, judicially ordered sealed, statutorily eradicated, or judicially dismissed following probation.

For more information on this bill go to:

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