When You’re a Criminal Defendant The Truth Can Be Brutal

When someone who has never been in trouble with the law before is charged with a criminal offense, that person is traumatized and altered in ways no one can imagine unless they’ve been through the justice system themselves.

The criminal justice system can seem harsh and unforgiving. There are consequences for every wrong step you make. By not hiring the right legal counsel to defend your case, you may pay for the repercussions with your future.

Properly investigating a criminal case is critical to the health of your future. Any bright person can manage to pass a Bar Exam. Your defense attorney needs to be honed in areas of expertise beside being experienced in the laws of California Criminal Defense Law. Moreover, the counsel you hire should have the scent skills of a bloodhound in order to know which leads to follow, the observation skills of an eagle to pick out clues others have missed, be able to think like a police detective and have the innate nature to listen like an interviewer.

If these traits sound impossible to find in one attorney, the staff a criminal defense attorney surrounds themselves with will be an extension of the legal team’s intelligence standards.

A highly experienced Criminal Defense Attorney always has good reason to examine and reexamine every piece of evidence related to your case. Everything about a criminal case is vitally important as it may provide corroborative or supplementary evidence to strengthen your defense. Even major details can be overlooked. Clues at the crime scene can easily become compromised, or even ignored. Prosecutorial misconduct may fly under the radar screen.

Every crime scene is different. Depending on how many law enforcement people were involved and walked the area can impact on which evidence factors are intact or mishandled. Today’s’ DNA technology has facilitated solving crimes whereas blood samples taken at the scene of a crime and/or a person’s fingerprints were at one time the only forensic indicators the police had to work with. And even though we have this state-of-the-art advanced technology to assist in correcting identifying the accused, a simple case of mistaken identity can still make an innocent person lose years of their life behind bars.

Expert legal representation serves to protect your legal rights and helps you navigate through a labyrinth of procedural laws and causes of action.   

Choosing The Right Criminal Lawyer Is Your Best Defense

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