California citizens demanded, marched, protested for years, but they achieved their goal. You can now legally smoke your pot. But there are restrictions as to where, when, how much, with whom.

Health and Safety Code 11362.1. (What You Can Do If You Are 21): If you are 21, you can purchase, possess and use or share with another adult over 21, 28.5 grams of cannibas; possess and use and share with another adult over 21, 8 grams of concentrated cannibas, including edibles; cultivate not more than 6 cannabis plants.

Health and Safety Code 11362.2.(What You Cannot Do): The six plants you grow must be on your private property and not visible from a public place. The grow must be in a locked space. You must follow local restrictions on the conditions, such as ventilation.

Health and Safety Code 11362.3. (If Smoking Cigarettes Is Prohibited, So Is Pot:) Wherever smoking tobacco is prohibited, you cannot smoke your marijuana. Prohibition against smoking includes using vape devices. You cannot smoke within 1000 feet of facilities that serve children. You cannot possess or smoke on grounds of school, day care center, or youth center while children are present. You cannot have an open container of marijuana while driving, or riding in vehicle, boat, aircraft. Carry your cannabis in your trunk, not your purses. You cannot manufacture concentrated cannabis using a volatile solvent unless you comply with license requirements. You cannot smoke or ingest cannabis while driving or riding as passenger in vehicle, boat, aircraft.

The Vehicle Code against driving while impaired will apply to those impaired by cannabis. Violations of any of these provisions, except the driving while impaired, will be an infraction punished with a fine and drug education programs for those under 21.

Medical marijuana continues to be lawful and guided by the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.